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Spirit Trackers of Rural Michigan

2007 Historic Fort Wayne Detroit MI

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2007 Investigations
Historic Fort Wayne-Detroit, Michigan
STORM would like to thank Robert of Spirit Chasers for his invitation to join him on this investigation. We had a wonderful time meeting the great folks out at the Fort and we really look forward to going back there. The investigation we attended was attended by more people than we were initially aware of, and therefore we were unable to conclusively make any reports of activity. We were granted access to all sorts of locations and stories than most "tourists" are allowed, and we enjoyed our excursions into the tunnels of the sally port and the barracks, the restored jail and the NCO homes and even the administrative offices. 
STORM looks forward to going back and doing a thorough and scientific overnight investigation of the grounds this year, and we will be sure and report all of our findings to this website!
In the meantime, dont forget to support your local historic tourism areas.
What's in YOUR neighborhood? 

Setting up for investigation

Dana in the tunnels

Under the fort

Nicki and Chrissy preparing for investigation

April and Glenn planting microphones for EVP work

Mel in tunnel with possible orb

Entrance to one of two tunnels

Inside the military jail

Diane at set up in main room


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