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Spirit Trackers of Rural Michigan

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Rochester hills Private Home Investigation

This is the home of a mom with teenage daughters, and they had experienced some really unusual and unexplainable activity. In our short time there, we were unable to duplicate any of their experiences, and found no unusual measurements or readings. At one point in our investigation, we did find one unexplainable cold spot and we had a few personal experiences that we were unable to record on our equipment.
We are keeping in touch with the owners, and will be glad to go back if they have other experiences. To the family: Thank you for allowing us into your home!

Down the hall to main bedroom

Unexplainable cold spots were recorder here

Telling STORM about the activity in the house

Getting video

Thermometer recorded drop in temp in bedroom of one of the daughters


A dvd was tossed across the room. We tried to recreate, but did not find anything.

Sounds were heard in this room


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