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Spirit Trackers of Rural Michigan

Yacht Club

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WOW! What a terrific time we had investigating the Yacht Club in Clay County, MI!
STORM did an overnight investigation of a commercial business (a members only private Yacht Club) in Clay County, MI. We had the help of Storm member Christina and her wonderful friends and our newest FOG (friend of group) members Amanda and Samantha. Thanks to all of our volunteers and folks who helped out, and much thanks to the owners and representatives of the establishment. We look forward to seeing you again!  
While we are still reviewing evidence and preparing documentation for owners, we  will be posting pics to show you how we spent our time at the Yacht Club and some interesting anomolies we caught.  Edit Text





These photos were all taken, in order, in the daylight, in an unoccupied tower room. The first one shows nothing unusual. The next, something, the next something different, and the fourth is fine again. No one was there in that upstairs room and there were no entrances or exits unattended. There was nothing that we could reproduce this effect with, no shadows of curtains or perspectives of the photographer. Its up to viewers and other investigators. What is your opinion?




These pictures below are representative of some of the orbs and moving light anomolies we captured while at the Yacht Club.  They often corresponded with cold spots, or intuitive "feelings" of investigators.



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