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Spirit Trackers of Rural Michigan

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Here is where we'll describe some of our more notable investigations, and provide documentations gathered during our experiences. Don't be scared....


Our investigations began about four years ago when four friends decided to go check out some supposedly haunted places in our area. The early investigations of the group of friends included driving through a cemetery, taking 35mm pictures with the car windows barely down and driving away as quickly as we could. Since those first few trips out, we have learned much about investigations and documentation and procedures for valid research.  What we know about the paranormal has not changed much, but what we theorize and what we may believe has certainly evolved.


Our investigations now still include explorations of cemeteries, but we also do locations both public and private, at clients requests and at our own or others' iniatives. In the years we have been doing investigations, we have grown as investigators and as people. Storm uses video recordings, audio recordings, temperature and EMF readings as well as digital and still photographs and other methods.  The following are some of the more memorable investigation sites and evidence we have collected. Although permission was granted to document these investigations, the exact locations will not be disclosed.  


If you're interested in STORM investigating a location for you, please contact us at

One of us will contact you as soon as possible. Please enjoy the photographs.

Pictures will be updated as often as we can.
Please see our FOG pages for more photos and evidence gathering. 

Selected STORM Investigations 2008

We have conducted a few investigations in 2008 already, even though it is still very early in the year.  We hope to be able to share some of these experiences with you all and discuss what we have and have not found in our research.

Rochester Hills Home Investigation H 2008

Selected STORM Investigations 2007

Historic Fort Wayne- Detroit, Michigan

Troy Restaurant Investigation

Private Home in Eastpointe

Rochester Hills Private Home

Selected STORM Investigations 2006

Roseville Business

Royal Oak, MI

Cemetery in Macomb County, Michigan

Yacht Club

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