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Spirit Trackers of Rural Michigan

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STORM was contacted about a local restaurant that has for years experienced some unexplained phenomena. The location is a former farmhouse and is a local historic site of great interest to our members. At this location there have been claims of unusual noises, footsteps, feelings of being watched, and several claims of actual appararitions. We met the wonderful staff and manager and did a pre-investigation meeting and then a full on overnight investigation.
STORM was able to detect some unusual EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) readings, and we captured several unusual lights (orbs) but we did not get any EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) or any apparitions or light anomolies on video.  The EMF readings are always of concern to us because they can be a symptom of feelings of being watched and feelings of nausea and headaches. Although no one had reported any such feelings, and the restaurant is very successful, we did recommend and electrician come out to check on the readings we first discovered. We will be glad to keep in touch and to continue investigations at this interesting and historic location. And-- we cant wait to come back while we are not on duty in order to enjoy the fabulous service and great food!


Getting shots from above


Collecting information from managers


Bar area, stories of a hanging here


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