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Spirit Trackers of Rural Michigan

Rochester Hills home H 2008
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Investigation at a private home in Rochester Hills, 2008.
We were called and alerted that a family was having extreme experiences in their home. They had reported black shadows, light anomolies, and most recently an object moved across the kitchen unassisted. The family had ideas about what and why they felt they were experiencing paranormal activity.
STORM team members rushed to investigate, especially since the family included small children and an infant.
At our pre-investigation interview we met with the family and discussed the circumstances of the "activity." We went over our procedures, and what we would need in order to collect the most valid evidence. The family made arrangements and we scheduled the investigation.

We interview, & take measurements inside & out
April and Diane are suckers for a cute baby!

We checked countertops, alignments, and angles.
Everything was level, and there was no major drafts, etc.

When getting baseline information we note windows
Any reflective surfaces are noted.

Here are some pictures from the night of the investigation.

Gerry in the basement looking for evidence.

The home was full of reflective surfaces. This caused many orbs to appear in our pictures.

Our Emf readings were over the top. After investigation we found situations like this.

Many more reflective surfaces as well as passing traffic from the street.

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